Cost Analyst


Irapuato, MX

Entry Level:  Career Starters (0-3 years)
Function:  Purchasing

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nAnalyze costs of purchased parts and define saving potentials in close cooperation with commodity and program purchasing team
nAuditable target cost calculations and cost estimations for new products within development phase and before supplier nomination. (Parts and Tools)
nIndependent and continuous analysis of specific cost drivers of dedicated production technologies (e.g. injection molding, punching, bending, extrusion)
nImplement standardized costing with key suppliers
nSupport supplier cost workshops to improve cost transparency and process optimizations as well as realizing savings through data driven negotiations
nCommunicate and explain cost calculation results to sales team to assure integration of the results into customer quotes
nIdentify and evaluate cost reduction potentials by changes to design, specification, manufacturing / assembly processes

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